Nourishment and Healing

Since you’re reading this, you may think there is something missing or feel an unsatisfied need yearning for attention.  Maybe you’ve gotten to the point where you know something needs to change and it seems like you’re on a threshold, unsure of your next step and what lies ahead. Contrary to what you may feel and what others may tell you, this is a good place to be.  You may not want to stay here long, but too often people rush through this place ignoring what is ready to be healed, finding themselves at this same place again in the future.

You could be ready for change and healing now. You have within you the wisdom to make the change that is meaningful for you. I can help you bring that wisdom forward so that you can walk with confidence on your own path.

Couples also reach points in their relationship where change becomes necessary. It can be especially distressing when one person feels the need for change and the other is fine with the way things are. At this time in the relationship it may seem unclear how to go forward and impossible to stay in the same place.  As a couple (and also as individuals) you find yourself on a threshold, perhaps waiting, trying to maintain your balance, perhaps you’re scared. No one has had a fairy tale “happily ever after” relationship. What is the relationship story you have written together? Understanding how each of you has grown and what your individual needs are is important in understanding how to move forward together in a way that supports both of you and allows for the relationship to become more fulfilling.

Whether counseling involves an individual, a couple, or a family: real change and growth can at times be very difficult. But if you are willing to walk over that threshold, and explore what is there, there is a good chance your experience of life will become more satisfying, more real, and more fulfilling.